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Phonica Friends & Family Mix Series 1:
Govind (Kylin Tyce)

PhonicaFriendsMix1-BlogWe’ve been doing our mix series for 6 years now but, as a lot of you know, we have a wealth of talent working behind the counter, as well as amongst our extended friends and family. In the ongoing lockdown, we wanted to shine a light on some our dedicated crew.

First up is Govind aka Kylin Tyce – who you will find working most weekends at the shop. You may know some of his releases on Tesselate or OldiVibes where his intricate minimal house and UK Garage-flavoured productions sit proudly on our wall racks! So enjoy an hour of perfectly-mixed house music from Kylin Tyce!


How have you been doing during the lockdown?
I’ve been good, trying to keep busy and making the most of the time at home. The events of last week have been both heartbreaking and inspiring – I’m happy that the people of our city, and many others have taken a stand and supported the Black Lives Matter movement. I hope this action and solidarity continues. RIP to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Belly Mujinga and the thousands of innocent black lives that have been lost at the hands of police brutality and senseless racism.

Have you had a chance to work on some music?
Yes! – It’s been nice to have so much time at home to work on new projects. Although I must admit, it has been difficult to constantly stay motivated to write “club” music without any parties, but using the extra time to dig and discover new artists/labels has been great.

What have you missed about not being in Phonica? and coming into central London?
More than anything I miss our team, the basement & Cookhouse Joe’s!

Have you missed DJing?
Most definitely. My last gig was at Corsica just one week before lockdown, and I’ve been eager to get back out as soon as. Hopefully we’ll be partying again soon. RSD_2

How have you found releasing new music during the lockdown?
I was really nervous with my EP on Tessellate being released during the lockdown as we make so many sales over the counter as well as online. However the response has been great, it seems as if people are spending more time finding & buying music whilst at home. It’s also been nice to see Bandcamp waiving their revenue share for one day every month – this has definitely encouraged people to buy more music on the platform – these are the kind of initiatives we need to see more of moving forward.

What have you got planned for the next few months / rest of year?
I’ll be continuing to work on new music, recording mixes and hopefully back behind the counter at Phonica.



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