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Essential Releases Of The Month: July 2017

Essential Releases Of The Month: July 2017
Check our top picks for one of the busiest months on the release front.

Summer is flowing and quality releases keep reaching our shores, but don’t put that cocktail down yet,  we have filtered and selected the very best records that will soundtrack the sunny season.

CODEK – Closer / Tam Tam [DARK ENTRIES]

Dark Entries sent us a few goodies this month but the long-awaited reissue of Codek’s highly sought-after Tam Tam deserves a top spot.

 CLOUD ONE – Patty Duke (Instrumental) Part 1 & 2 [SOUND OF NEW YORK, USA]

And all time space funk classic by Peter Brown, essential!

SOFT HOUSE COMPANY – What You Need / A Little Piano (Regular Edition) [FLASH FORWARD]

A remarkably smooth piece of Italian piano house brought back to life by the always on point Flash Forward.

GREY HOUSE – New Beats The House (inc. Jared Wilson Remix) [DARK ENTRIES]

Taking bits from disparate sources as Kraftwerk and Ice-T, this song became one of the biggest hits of a New Beat sub-genre called Hard Beat back in ’89. Still rocks it every time!


We are very proud of our latest release and the feedback couldn’t have been better. This one hasn’t left the bag since we got the first TPs a few months ago and will surely stay there the whole summer. Not many copies left now, y’know what to do!

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Superlongevity 6 LP [PERLON]

When Perlon started releasing their “SuPERLONgevity” compilation series in 1999, it was not evident that the name, which had initially been chosen just for pun, would become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Almost two decades after, the 6th instalment of the infamous series proves that the label is still in rude health.


Ricky V is one of the few producers who can release a 4 tracker and call it an LP. Yes he did, and it’s good!

BEN PENN – Spare Hobby / Carrera [SAFE TRIP]

Young Marco’s Safe Trip keeps delivering club-ready jams. Not a half-bad debut for Ben Penn!


After an epic label debut last year, Karen Gwyer returns to DBA with her third studio album – a journey through dark, sweaty rooms, to shared escapism and unexpected moments of electronic transcendence.


Originally released only on cassette in 1986, “Embrace” is mixture of experimental tracks from the duo formed by Martin Kornberger & Volker Kuhn. A stunning collection of productions that somehow spans Disco, Boogie and Minimal Electronics through to Ambient, Krautrock and beyond. Limited to 600 copies. Highly Balearic and highly recommended!

FLOATING POINTS – Reflections – Mojave Desert LP [PLUTO]

Sam Shepherd continues expanding his Floating Points project. Mojave Desert is a new short film and soundtrack, the first in a planned series of environmental recordings to be filmed and recorded at different locations around the world. Sam and the band set up a recording operation last year and decided to film this new work at the base of the natural sculptures of the Mojave Desert. Very special indeed!



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