Phonica White

Don Froth – 10,000 CC / Holiday (Dubbed Out)

Don Froth’s ‘10,000 CC / Holiday (Dubbed Out)’ is Phonica White’s sophomore release and it couldn’t be any more different to Iori’s stripped down dub techno.

‘10,000 CC is ‘Foam’s’ rowdy sibling. A twisted, bass-heavy stomper of a track, that takes disco, dub-step and punk-funk, spins them in blender and spits out one of the rudest basslines we’ve heard in a while. We’re talking big here – even Giles Peterson is a fan. On the flip ‘Holiday (Dubbed Out)’ returns to more familiar territory… Laidback, dubby disco that instantly brings to mind “Foam” without being a carbon copy. It’s breezy, summery and very organic in an analog sort of way.


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