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Session Victim

sessionvictimbanner Session Victim share their approach to house, soul and disco music, and everything in-between.

Session Victim are two dedicated diggers from the small town of Lüneburg in Germany, but they are better known for their crazy DJ and Live sets.

The pair demonstrate a charming disregard for the boundaries of house music, delving and dabbling into everything from Disco to Soul to Hip Hop and back again in countless digging sessions that feed the duo’s sample based approach to production.

With their third studio album just released on Delusions Of Grandeur, we caught up with the duo to find out what’s been inspiring them lately.

Basstarde Party

This is the flyer for the second or third party we threw together in our hometown Lüneburg. It was set in an old ammunition factory (the building in the middle) and provided the perfect atmosphere to what we wanted to do. We had a gasoline generator and one of us would always patrol the street with a walkie talkie, so whenever the police drove by, we would shut the whole power down. Highly unprofessional as we were, we only found out the whole thing was asbestos polluted after the 3rd party.  

Session Victim1

Twin Peaks

Yeah, Twin Peaks. We were so obsessed with it. A lot of our early jams had twin peaks names, and at one point we wanted to name the whole project Bookhouse boys. For one party, we put out five different flyers with either Josie, Shelly, Donna, Audrey or Laura on it and told everyone they get free entry if they bring all six flyers with them.

session victim2

Pinball Monster Bash

We always have been pinballing when we need a break from the sequencer. In Kreuzberg, there are still some places with tables in good condition, in Hamburg not so much anymore – all we can do here is wait for the hype to come back. Freegoldwatch in San Francisco is the best pinball place we have been to yet, it’s right behind Amoeba records. Monster Bash is a great machine built by Williams – one of the tables we probably put the most time and money in.

session victim3

Akai 612

This is hands down our favourite sampler. It has a few fantastic features that we have never seen on any other machine. It sounds great, feels great, looks great. We like it so much we have four of them. If you see one for sale, don’t buy it but write us a message because we still need a few more. Thanks in advance.

session victim4

Click Club

This was the House music club in Hamburg where we went almost every weekend for as long as it existed. So many memorable nights there, acts like Steve Bug, Alexander Kowalski and Miss Kitten kept us on the floor for as long as it was going. Marc Schneider was our favourite resident there, dancing to his sets were one of the main reasons for us to get on the sequencer together.

victim session 1

Session Victim are playing at Corsica Studios on Friday June 30th. Check the event here


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