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Cover Of The Week: ALEX SMOKE – Love Over Will EP [R&S RECORDS]


For the second chapter of our recently launched #coveroftheweek, we have selected Alex Smoke‘s new album on R&S, ‘Love Over Will‘. Rather impressive artwork that certainly won’t go unnoticed! Read Alex’s quote about the artwork after the down below.

 “Finlay McKay is an old friend and a high-end photographer. I gave him the album, the title and some background and gave him free rein to come up with the image. The album title relates to Thelema, Crowley’s religion for the new age, and Fin’s artwork has clear links to magical thinking. The use of nudity also has something to say of our attitudes towards it. Why should nudity and sexuality be shameful, whilst someone being graphically murdered is considered ok? The artwork is a response to the album but also chimes perfectly with the age we live in.”


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