Watch Niños Indigo new music video for ‘Luna’

[PHONICASPECED005] Niños Indigo - Vuduwave

Niños Indigo is the alias of audiovisual artist Valeria Hernandez. Back in February we released Vuduwave, Valerias’s stunning debut album via  our outfit for ambient and experimental electronica Phonica Special Editions.

Vuduwave was originally released on digital and cassette on Discos Cetaceos in 2014, and we felt this recording truly deserved to be given a new lease of life on vinyl. Developed over the course of a month, the album was recorded in Hernandez’s home country of Chile and recorded in a single week, resulting in a flowing, organic yet otherworldly listening experience.

Lifted from the LP, the track ‘Luna’ combines african drums, hindu instruments and south american psychedelia with Valeria’s own vocals.



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