Uffe – Lesser Known Values [TARTELET]

Following his acclaimed debut, “Radio Days”, Danish producer Uffe Christensen returns to Tartelet Records whith his second LP “No!”. Every bit as abundant as his first LP, it’s a record that scales polyrhythmic percussion, improvised jazz, & billowing ballads.

His new record is cut in the same spirit as the last: a borderless approach to music-making with organic instrumentation at its heart. Genres collide peaceably – off-beat soul with jazz, hip-hop with the heft of house – and are melded smooth with an earthy warmth. Uffe enjoys his place on the perimeter – an outlier searching critically for something closer to a timeless groove. Far from a churn of simple dance floor fodder, the album is a journey through a consummate narrative.

Phonica Records get the scoop on one of the LP’s standout tracks – “Lesser Known Values”, featuring an irresistible warbling jazz breakdown. Hear for yourself right here:

As Tartelet continue their run of consistently solid EPs & 12″s, it’s still these album moments that remain the best gateways into the label’s distinctive sound. Alongside Max Graef‘s debut ‘Rivers of the Red Planet’ and Glenn Astro‘s ‘Throwback’, Uffe‘s ‘No’ is a mirror to the Tartelet spirit and sits amongst the imprint’s best.

“No!” will be available on 2xLP (with bonus 7”) plus digital download and streaming formats from 14 October but you can pre-order your copy here to make sure you don’t miss out.

You can also check out our previous Premieres over on our Soundcloud page:


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