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Omar Santis – Thursday Night Function


After a short hiatus, Phonica Records revives its deep-house focused Karakul imprint for  the return of Tokyo-based Omar Santis and his new 12” ‘Thursday Night Function’.

Tokyo-based producer Omar Santis returns for his 3rd Karakul EP following on from releases on Dionysian Mysteries and Envelope Audio. ‘Thursday Night Funktion’ is the 6th release on the imprint and really embodies the ethos of Karakul, soulful deep house workouts designed for the dance floor. The EP is dedicated to his Tokyo club night ‘Funktion’; a cultural party that’s held every Thursday at one of the world’s top ten small clubs, Oath in Shibuya. Their events have caught the attention of Tokyo’s local community and their international guests by its unique branding and “mature but wild” party atmosphere.

The EP starts on a high with the groovy sample heavy disco/house jam ‘Nira’. Vocal chops and guitar licks build and culminate until a massive string section releases a second rush of energy taking the track to even higher ground. The follow up ‘Sakura Blossom’ is the deepest cut of the release with washed out pads and bleeps cascading while a hypnotic bass keeps the track grooving. Iron Curtis adds his personal touch and ups the energy on his remix of ‘Cameo Appearance’, adding a breakbeat, ethereal melodies and vocal snippets floating atop a plucky bass line. Ending the release on a blissful note ‘SpaceColorPalette’ is a flurry of melodic synths and muffled percussion that swirl around over the top of a solid kick and bass groove.

Grab a copy here.


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