Steve Davis gives a shout-out to Phonica!

“There’s something wonderful about walking into a place and putting your trust in the people who work there. The way I got to know about Surgeon is a prime example.”


Ahead of his appearance at Bloc 2016, Josh Baines from Thump tagged along with Steve Davis to the Masters Snooker and they spent most of the time talking about Techno. You can read the full interview HERE. Our favourite part is when he gives a shout out to the shop! Thanks a lot Steve!

“I stumbled across Phonica recently, in London. Which I used to walk straight past because I thought there was nothing in it but the BOOF BOOF stuff. One of the guys who works there knows I like the weirder end of things now and points records out to me. I go through them and find stuff I love.” .



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