Phonica Special Editions

Sad City – Introduction To Lisboa

Sad City returns to Phonica Records Special Editions with his EP ‘Introduction To Lisboa’, composed of field recordings. 

Glasgow-based producer Gary Caruth has evolved a highly original sound; deep, lush and widescreen electronics, from melancholic to ecstatic. Sonically, he continues where his last record left off and feels like the perfect companion to that well-received debut for Phonica. Opening track ‘Introduction To Lisboa’ builds and builds from near silence to a cacophony of field record- ings and looped horns. It melds into ‘Baixa Saxaphone’, where carefully paced percussion patiently enters over a wash of synth. From then on a delicate balance of restrained percussion and spine-tingling atmos- pherics interplay before descending into a blissful outro.

Grab a copy over at Phonica here.


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