Red Axes – Piper Work [Garzen]

Phonica Premiere: Red Axes - Piper Work [Garzen]
Red Axes return with a new psychedelic cosmic adventure. Lifted from their forthcoming sophomore album, Piper Work is our pick for this week’s premiere.

The Axes are as quick to jam out exotic post-punk numbers as to bring operations back to the dancefloor with club-ready chuggers. The much-loved duo’s electronic bombast nurtures from their unorthodox approach, mixing live drums, jangling guitars and fuzzed out synths with an omnipresent psychedelic touch.

After releases on the likes of Hivern Discs, Multi Culti, ESP Institute or Permanent Vacation, the pair return to their own Garzen Records with a new long player that will surely take over discernible dancefloors across the globe.

Ahead of the release on August 18th, we have picked the genre-defying cut Piper Work. Check it out below!

You can pre-order your copy here.

Our entire back catalogue of premieres is also available to listen to on our soundcloud:


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