Phonica Podcast 56:
Vangelis & Callum, October 2016

The Phonica podcast is back for its October edition! This month we have our trusty companions Vangelis and Callum on the controls taking you on an enlightening musical odyssey with some of the gems that have landed recently on our shelves.

From Prince Buster and Fela Kuti classics (who has recently repressed 7 albums!!) to the cosmic adventures of DJ Steve and Toulouse Low Trax, to Wally Badarou’s long-awaited reissue on Love Vinyl, DJ Sports’ first solo outing, Meda Fury and Emotional Response celebrated collaboration by Sad City before finishing on a twisted house cut from Kassem Mosse’s album on Honest Jons.

Full tracklist down below, click the titles to be redirected to each release page. ‘Til next time!



01. Prince Buster – Drums Drums [EARTH SOUND]

02. Jaojoby – Taratasy Maitso [SOFRITO SINGLES]

03. Fela Kuti – ITT (Internation Thief Thief) Pt. 1 [KNITTING FACTORY]

04. Susso – Alagi [SOUNDWAY]

05. DJ Steve – Gadaafs (DJ Steve edit) [LOVE ON THE ROCKS]

06. Tolouse Low Trax – Studies In Drama [ANTINOTE]

07. L.U.C.A. – Sirene [MONDO]

08. Wally Badarou – One Day, Won’t Give It Away [LOVE VINYL]

09. Miskotom – Qi Xin Mian Guan [PLEASURE UNIT]

10. DJ Sports – Hidden Spheres [HELP]

11. Sad City – People + Plants [MEDA FURY]

12. Paul St. Hilaire & Rhauder – Skank [SUSHITECH]

13. Peggy Gou – Maktoop [TECHNICOLOUR]

14. Kassem Mosse – Monomer [HONEST JONS]




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