Phonica Podcast 51:
Sam & Callum, May 2016

We’re back in action with the May edition of the Phonica Podcast and this time new staff member Sam joins Callum behind the turntables! Unfortunately one of our decks was acting up this week so this podcast is mostly unmixed and all about the selection. Highlights this month include a beautiful live recording of Sleep D from Melbourne’s iconic Fairfield Amphitheatre, A forthingcoming release on our ‘Special Editions’ imprint Mark Pritchard‘s first solo LP in five years on Warp, new heat from L.I.E.S an outstanding new cut from Moscow’s OL on Nick William’s Meda Fury imprint, The return of Lars Bartkuhn on Utopia Records and finally Will Lister’s production debut on our very own Phonica Records! Full tracklist down below! Enjoy.

….and just in case you were wondering our decks are now back in tip top shape thanks to Lawson of Quartz Service & Repair! Get in contact if you’re decks (or mixers) are ever in need of some tender loving care!



01. Niños Indigo – Bambu I [Phonica Records Special Editions] (Coming Summer 2016)

02. Madteo – Parlour Tricks Terrific (Psy Mix) [M.A.D.T.E.O Records]

03. Sleep D – Part I [Analogue Attic]

04. Mark Pritchard – Where Do They Go, The Butterflies [Warp]

05. Jacob Mafuleni & Gary Gritness – Atuka Mondhoro [Nyami Records]

06. Locks & DDM – Untitled 1 [L.I.E.S.]

07. Osamu Kitajima – Benzaiten [Psychedelic Sounds International]

08. Wilson Tanner – Sun Room [Growing Bin Records]

09. Albinos – Selva [Astral Soda]

10. Ol – Jungle TV [Meda Fury]

11. Rhythm Based Lovers – Frequency Illusion [Future Times]

12. Lars Bartkuhn – Tokyo Burning [Utopia]

13. Will Lister – After The Light [Phonica Records] (Coming June 2016)

14. Montezuma’s Rache – Wu Du Wu [Second Cycle]

15. 4D – Sex Appeal [Private Records]


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