Phonica Podcast

Phonica Podcast 41:
July 2015

Another month, another great selection of vinyl from Phonica Records. At the controls this month is Callum McLean & Olin Soldan.

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Complete tracklist can be found down below. Click each track to be redirected to the release page and enjoy discovering some new music! Some highlights this month include A new 7” from Paradise Bangkock, New LP’s from Ruf Dug, Tapes & Hunee, An excellent new 12” from Lodger on the mysterious Stamp Records, Royota OPP on Meda Fury, An Oni Ayhun repress and new edits from Gay Marvine. There’s tons of Gems here so enjoy the ride!


01. Imre Kiss – Intonarumori [Proto Sites]
02. The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band – Roob Lor Pu Tai (Rootikal Re-Rub) [Studio Lam]
03. Ruf Dug – Rasta Beach [Music For Dreams]
04. Tapes – Pipe Cleaner / This Weed’s Making Me Nervous (Disco Mix) [EM Records]
05. Maalem Mahmoud Guinia & Floating Points – Mimoum Marhaba [Eglo]
06. Hunee – The World [Rush Hour]
07. Lodger – Oliver [Stamp]
08. Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face? (Kon’s Duet Mix) [West End]
09. Naphta – Claws [Transatlantyk]
10. Niagara – Falcao [FTD]
11. Kerri Chandler – Three [Large]
12. Adesse Versions – Ghost (Dub) [Adesse Versions]
13. Nu Guinea – Nu World (Vocal Edit) [Tartelet]
14. Pablo Mateo – Track 1 [Lack]
15. Tambien – Ondule [Kitjen]
16. Ryota Opp – Zombie Boogie [Meda Fury]
17. Oni Ayhun / Various Artists – DR-1 [Noise Manifesto]
18. Invincible Scum – Princess [Zodiac 44]
19. Africans With Mainframes – RB 2 [Bio Rhythm]
20. Gay Marvine – Luv To Luv [Bath House Etiquette]
21. Tamas Jones – The Heat Of The Moment [Public Possession]
22. Napoleon Cherry – When You Had The Chance [PPU]


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