Phonica Mix Series

Phonica Mix Series 54:
Honey Dijon

phonica mix series honey dijonOriginating from the home of house music, Chicago, the now New York-based DJ and producer Honey Dijon has become well known for her energetic and hypnotic blend of house and techno, which has lead her to performing at many of the world’s finest clubbing spaces over the past several years, such as Panorama Bar (Berlin), Sub Club (Glasgow),  Output (New York) and Smart Bar (Chicago) to name a few.

Many of Honey’s original productions have been picked up and shared with the world via Classic Music Company, including her superb ‘The Best Of Both Worlds’ LP which hit the shelves in late 2017. Since then, Honey’s had a steady flow of EPs out on the same label, which have seen the likes of Matrixxman, Maurice Fulton, Ashley Beedle and longtime friend and mentor Derrick Carter step up for remix duties.

“The inspiration for this mix was an opportunity for me to present a deeper, more introspective side of myself. I often play peak time sets that require lots of energetic soundscapes and I wanted to share some music that I love but don’t necessarily often get to present. Set times are so short and lineups so stacked that it’s often challenging to spread your wings artistically. Some of the tracks will be familiar such as Hammer’s At Once and Portable’s I Open My Eyes, but overall I feel it reflects my Chicago and New York roots. I ended the mix with a quote from Paris Is Burning in light of the current political attack that Trump has waged against transfolk in the US. It’s important for me that the music takes the listener not only a sonic journey but an emotional one as well.” ~ Honey Dijon.


Whilst shopping for records at Phonica, as she usually does when in London, we asked Honey if she would be interested in recording a special mix for our series, and she very kindly obliged. Check it below!


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