Phonica Mix Series

Phonica Mix Series 34:
Luke Vibert

British electronic music composer and producer Luke Vibert delivers the latest instalment of the Phonica Mix Series.

Widely known for his diverse output spanning multiple genres simultaneously, the Cornwall-born artist has been steadily releasing music since the mid 90s under different monikers, most notably as Wagon Christ, Kerrier District, Amen Andrews or Plug.

Luke’s genre-agnostic body of work has found home in labels such as Mo Wax, Warp, Rephlex, Planet Mu, Lo Recordings, Ninja Tune and more recently also I Love Acid and Hypercolour. His last album, ‘Bizarster’, came out on Planet Mu last year under his given name. As some sort of collage, all of his many sounds could be found in there. We can’t wait to hear what the international man of mystery has in the pipeline for 2017.

In the meantime, we have been honoured with a mix from this elusive character. Check it down below!


As usual, the full archive of the Phonica Mix Series is available for playback right here.


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