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Phonica Mix Series 24:
Mall Grab

Joining us this month is an artist who’s had a rapid rise to fame in the past year through through a series of outstanding EPs on Collect-Call Records, 1080p, Hokkaido Dance Club, Shall Not Fade and of course his massive Sun Ra EP on Church which has been our best selling record of 2016 by a long shot! He’s carved out a distinctive sound for himself and we’re excited to see what he does next after achieving so much in such a short time. Mall Grab‘s definitely going places!


Hey Jordan, How are you doing?
I’m great thanks. Currently enjoying the temperature here in London after being in 30+ degree heat back in Australia. It’s wonderful!

Can you tell us about the mix you’ve prepared for us?
This mix is made up of what i’ve been playing since I arrived in the UK with some new stuff from friends and myself.
Recorded on two 1200’s and 2 cdj900’s. No particular concept, just a quick glimpse into my taste of the moment and what i’ve been playing lately.

We’re witnessing a lot of great talent coming out of Australia at the moment, can you tell us your experiences with the scene there and what it holds for the future?
The Australian “underground” scene is thriving, there are so many incredible producers doing stuff at the moment.

Unfortunately Sydney has fallen victim to a corporate agenda but Melbourne is still thriving ~ best city in Australia! I think more and more people are moving away from the awful deep house/tech house/trap festival sound that Aus has become renowned for which is even better, haha.

You’ve just arrived in Europe for your first tour of the region, Are there any gigs you’re particularly looking forward to?
I couldn’t really look forward to a particular gig… I’m so chuffed to be able to come over here and play music for people. The first two shows were incredible so I’m really excited for the whole thing. I’ve only visited France and the UK in the past so visiting other areas of Europe is a dream.

The Sun Ra EP on Church has been one of the biggest and most successful releases so far this year! Anything in the pipeline you can fill us in on?
I’m so grateful for/psyched on the reception of that record. I’ve got a lot of stuff coming out over the next few months, but at the moment I’m just working exclusively on an LP and trying to learn more and more. My next record is on Unknown to the Unknown (s/o DJ Haus) a little later this year and then I’m starting my own white label series for music from myself and friends called Steel City Dance Discs. I’ve got some other v. exciting stuff towards the end of the year/next year but I’m not really at liberty to discuss right now, hehe.

What outside of music is inspiring you at the moment?
Being able to travel over here is a rare opportunity for me to visit galleries I haven’t been to a million times before, so obviously the access to such incredible art is inspiring me profusely. Along with that, since being in London I’ve had a chance to visit the Barbican and view that magnificent brutalist architecture in detail which is also inspiring, haha. Even just walking around the city is inspiring to me. London is wonderful!

We know you’ve been skateboarding most of your life, who are some of your favourite skaters at the moment?
I don’t particularly watch many new videos besides Palace and Bronze clips but AVE will always be my favourite skater. Zoo York Mixtape is my favourite video of all time and I’ll always watch that, haha. I got mad love for the dudes in Germany, too.

??? – ???
Mall Grab – Can’t Take It No More
Moomin – Morning Groove
??? – ???
Omar-S – Time Mo 1
Chaos In The CBD – Global Erosion
Andras – SoyBoy
Damiano Von Erckert – BUBBLES
Talking Heads – Girlfriend Is Better
??? – ???
??? – ???
Decka – 003
??? – ???


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