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Phonica Mix Series 14: Palms Trax


Can you feel it? Summer has truly arrived and the heat’s turned up to 11.  Good times are ahead as Palms Trax (we call him Jay) joins us on top form for the 14th episode of the Phonica mix series.

Jay’s been movin’ on up lately with a full schedule of DJ bookings, tight EP’s on Lobster Theremin and Dekmental plus a residency on Berlin Community radio that’s still going strong today. He’s developed a fluid live set that always changes depending on the booking and a real groove behind the decks which has earned him the closing set at P-bar after heavyweights Chez Damier & Gerd Janson. Once upon a time he even worked with us here at Phonica and now he’ll be playing across Europe all summer and flying over to Australia in November. He’s a humble dude and we’re happy people are catching onto his unique sound.


What’s up Jay? How are things going in Berlin? We’re missing you here at Phonica!
All the leaves appear to have fallen off my kumquat tree but other than that things are great thanks, I just got back from Glastonbury which was amazing as usual and the sun’s come out back home. Still pine for the Saturday crew at Phonica though, the hole in my heart will never heal.

Can you tell us about the mix you put together for us today?

Been playing a lot of disco and weird stuff recently so was nice to do something a bit more house-oriented. Few all-time favourites in there, few tunes I bought yesterday; Some new stuff from Pablo Mateo and the Smart Bar crew, couple of classics like Jungle Wonz and Under Tha Sun. This one feels right for a small, humid space about the size of my living room.

We’ve been following your releases since your debut 12” on Lobster Theremin. Are there any releases on the horizon we should look out for?

I have a remix of Basic Soul Unit coming out on Dekmantel that I was actually quite happy with, and other than that just working on the next EP for them now. Going to try and release more than one record a year at some point.

We’ve noticed your name on a lot more flyers recently, what gigs have been a highlight for you in the past year and what are you most looking forward to this summer?

First time Dj’ing at Panorama Bar was an actual dream come true, was pretty anxious leading up to it but everything just clicked and I’ll cherish that memory / set forever. Concrete was as amazing as I’d hoped too, plus it was the first time I met the Dekmantel guys. I don’t know, just been super lucky and had really nice people behind every party so massive thanks to all of them. As for this summer it’ll be my first time visiting or playing any dance music festivals so excited for all of them! Starting with the final ever Garden Festival this weekend.

Your radio residency on Berlin Community Radio is called, ‘Cooking with Palms Trax’, so we have to ask… are you any good in the kitchen?

When I was in London I wasn’t too bad, I think I even cooked a shin stew once but falafel in Berlin is ridiculously cheap and I live down the road from Masianello so I barely make anything anymore unfortunately. Calling it ‘Eating Out with Palms Trax’ was never an option though.

Helm – Strawberry Chapstick
H.O.M – Two Days With Inor
Roy Davis – Under Tha Sun
Sundiata O.M. – Come Together (Unreleased Version)
Ike Release – Dance Equations
Pablo Mateo – Untitled
Marvin Dash – Friday Night With Burt Reynolds
Massimiliano Pagliara – Phasing Down The Sea
Glenn Underground – Rising Son
Gemini – If U Got To Believe In Something
Hugo H. – Let Yourself
Disko Headz – You (Disko Mix)
DJ Duke – Tribal Journey (The Sun Mix)
Jungle Wonz – Bird In A Gilded Cage
Soichi Terada – CPM
Jordan Fields – Love Fantasy (JF Extended Re-Edit)
Luke Hess – Humility (Renew Your Mind) [feat. Papa Smurf]
Snorre Magnar Solberg & DJ Sotofett – Untitled



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