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Phonica In-stores 2023 Pt.II


Before our final in-store of the year tonight we thought we would fill you in on what you’ve potentially been missing out on for the last two months!

With the cold brushing through the streets of London the last couple of weeks there really has been no better place to huddle up for warmth than a sweaty in-store party on our trusty intimate shop floor. Walking into November, off the back of his excellent new album “LXXXVIII” we welcomed Actress in for a rare in-store appearance. Actress was supplying an array of blistering laser filled electronics but blending it with ease into garage, bass and some classic Chicago elements that all didnt stray too far from his own tracks that he played out from the new album. The bucket light below him synced with these sounds in dramatic bursts of light leaving a silhouette of the ever mysterious artist adding to the vibe!


sally c

Next up Sally C joined us for one of her energy filled Chunker’s parties! Joined alongside fellow Irish native Cromby as well as chart topping “B.O.T.A” star Eliza Rose it was guaranteed this one was always going to go off! There isn’t many in-stores too where the DJ playing serves out natural wines natural wines throughout (what a host!).
There was definitely that rowdy feeling in the air and understandably because this might of been the busiest in-store of the year as well as one of the most up for it crowds. Harnessing the energy from festivals like AVA in Belfast and doing lengthy closing sets in the likes of Panorama Bar, which the three are all known for playing regularly, drops were being thrown out with finesse and poise. The roof was blown off with this one!

sally hug

eliza sally

Walking into the last week of the month we we’re joined by Nyra’s Canoe imprint with special guests Bradley Zero and shop favorite Grace Sands! Grace opened up with a selection of her classic and funky deep house anthems combined with her fabulous mixing stylings she pulled the crowd in perfectly. Nyra and Bradley stepped it up with a b2b of high energy house rhythms with a perfection connective energy that definitely pulled the crowd to where the two DJ’s wanted them to be.


Closing out that same very week we welcomed Fabric resident Imogen to launch the debut of her new label Wigs. She was joined on the evening by Irish native DJ Shampain. The two played B2B for the night with a barage of forward thinking techno, very much to the high energy Imogen brings to Fabric on a regular basis.
Driven and exciting this was the only way to bring in the Christmas season!

Tonight we join forces with 2020 Vision to welcome tech-house maestro Voigtmann to celebrate his new album. Entry as always is free and BYOB (strictly no glass).

Come party with us one last time before we say goodbye to 2023!




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