Friends & Family Mix Series

Phonica Friends & Family Mix Series 8: Sam (Samson A.K)

samson a.k phonica mixPhonica’s very own Sam, otherwise known as Samson A.K, joins us for the 8th edition of the Phonica Friends & Family Mix Series.

For the last 5 years, Sam has been the man behind all of Phonica’s marketing, social media output, events, mix series curation, and lots more. He has been DJing for more than 20 years, having first started out with a hand-me-down batch of battered trance and progressive house records from his older brother at the age of 13.

Sam is a resident on London-based radio station Balamii, from which he broadcasts a monthly dose of leftfield techno, ambient and experimental goodness. Always aiming to shine a light on some of his favourite artists and producers from around the world, Sam has invited guests such as Salamanda, Flaty, WASWAAS, Tristan Arp, Tarotplane, Koyil and Sebastiano Carghini to join him for a guest mix. Check the shows out here.

Aside from his solo work, Sam is also one half of production duo Zoo Look, whose music has been released via E-Beamz, Tusk Wax, Lost Palms and more over the past decade or so. Keep your eyes peeled for a future release of theirs on Permanent Vacation too.

For his contribution to our Mix Series, Sam decided to veer away from the softer side of the electronic music spectrum, which he usually showcases on his radio shows, and the result is a full-blown, energetic mix of psychedelic techno, dubby house and gritty post-punk. Be sure to check it out below. Enjoy!


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