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Phonica Friends & Family Mix Series 17:
Sam Luke (Skip Wooznam)

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Our very own discogs addict and all hands on deck man Sam Luke aka Skip Wooznam drops our latest Phonica Friends & Family mix.
The mix is one for the deep diggers and chin strokers as well as the party goers and all nighters out there. Sam looks after alot of our online orders that go out worldwide as well as taking to the counter when we are in the height of it but this has not stopped him representing us at some of our big 20th birthday celebrations last year at the likes of Junction 2 and opening room 3 at Fabric. You can also catch Sam playing around London at Slipped Disc and Club Hiatus where he holds residencies.

Bringing his own taste and sound to our crew we are delighted to welcome him to the series. We had a brief chat with Sam about the mix and what he’s got going on outside of these walls!

Hey Sam, thanks for joining us! Can you tell us about your mix and what the idea behind it was? 

Quite simple really, I toyed with a bunch of different ideas before landing on just recording a mix with a bunch of records I dig right now, old and new with a nod to a few classics that don’t leave the bag. The kind of stuff you would expect to hear me play out at the mo’.


What are your preferred methods for finding new music—do you still enjoy digging around in dusty crates, or do you prefer to buy online?

Both are great, discogs is like an old friend at this point, dependable and always there but equally you can’t beat a good old record shop, I spend 40hrs a week working here(Phonica) and probably another day or so in others if I can, whenever I’m outside of London especially record shops are the first thing I seek out.


What is your dream setting for a DJ set? 
For the music I love to play you can never go far wrong with a clearing in the woods, something that most discerning festivals do well. My all time favourite though is the sunrise stage at Meadows in the Mountains in Bulgaria. The scenery is stunning of course, but the most interesting part of that experience for me is hearing what the DJ has lined up for the second the sun finally breaks over the mountain in front, Over the years I have had a fair few ideas of what I would play in that moment if I ever got the chance. Notably this past year the late great Jamie Tiller opted to play ‘Orbital – Halcyon On & On’, this was a moment that myself and those that were with me that day will never ever forget, tears in the eyes of so many and in hindsight that moment was incredibly poetic, RIP Jamie.
What do you have up your sleeve for 2024?

But yeah some fun dates lined up across the year and will be finally launching my own label with my good friend Frav that I run “The Wapstation“. I’m working with Ralph and the rest of the 20/20 Vision crew to put on some fun parties leading into 30 years of 20/20 next year!

Can also be caught playing out at my residencies with my dear friends at both Slipped Discs and Club Hiatus on a regular basis through the year and of course at the Phonica residencies.



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