Off The Record Mix Series

Off The Record Mix Series 13:

parris off the record mixLondon-based DJ and producer Parris first cut his teeth at the legendary events series FWD>>, which mainly catered to the sounds of grime and dubstep. Taking inspiration from these musical roots, but adding his own special twist, Parris’s own, bass-focused musical creations have since been picked up by such labels as The Trilogy Tapes, Idle Hands, Tempa and Hemlock in recent years, as well as rock-solid collaborative release on CANUFEELTHESUNONYRBACK with Call Super.

Parris has been on our radar here at Phonica for quite some time, and ever since he came and performed for us at our 2019 Record Store Day event we have been interested in getting a dedicated mix recording from him. So, with that in mind, we thought he would make for a perfect addition to our Off The Record Mix Series. His mix below is just short of one hour and slips and slides through all kinds of genres – from hazy hip-hop and R&B to obscure rock and pop. Be sure to check it out below.

Tell us a bit about your background as a DJ…
Like most people I started out as a teenager who was curious about music and eventually took the plunge to buy some turntables. I managed to get my hands on some 1210’s with my student loan and started buying records. Started off with Dubstep / Grime sort of stuff and as the years went by my music tastes shifted to slower tempos and sounds where I ended up playing a lot less of that stuff and a lot more of the UK House / Techno hybrids. 
What was it that made you decide to get into producing music of your own? 
I had a lot of friends around me who were producing as I was getting into DJ’ing in the early 2010’s and they encouraged me to get involved. It was good because they helped me in finding my feet and we all used the same DAW so it was easy to get feedback. They were also happy to collaborate with me in the early days which meant I was able to watch their processes and pick a lot of them up and eventually find my own way. Many years later and I’m luckily still hear producing music and hopefully getting better at realising my ideas 
What are your favourite labels out there at the moment?
OOOO, there’s so many! I have a particular fondness for Incienso and Kulor, I would say those are the two labels I check everything from and love every release.  
What have you been listening to recently at home during these difficult times?
Less dance, more Drill.
Do you have any new music coming soon that we can look forward to?
TTT end of summer / Wisdom Teeth end of September and hopefully another CANUFEEL at some point.

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