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Off The Record Mix Series 10:

ex-terrestrial phonica mixCanadian producer, DJ and label owner Adam Feingold, better known as Ex-Terrestrial, has been high up on our list of artists to approach for the Phonica Mix Series for quite some time – especially since his incredible second full-length album ‘Gamma Infolded’ was released in 2019. This quickly became one of our favourite albums of the year here at Phonica.

Adam’s musical explorations often draw inspiration from techno, IDM, ambient, deep house and trance, and have been picked up by labels like Pacific Rhythm, Lone’s Magicwire1080p and NAFF – the label he co-runs with fellow Canadian producer Priori.

Outside of the studio, Adam is an equally talented DJ and is just as comfortable delivering a pumping house and techno set as he is demonstrating his passion for library music, rare groove, digi-dub, new wave and other esoterica. Clocking in at just under an hour, Adam’s spaced-out mix recording is a perfect reflection of his deep and knowledgable tastes in many different musical genres. Enjoy it below!

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