Off The Record Mix Series

Off The Record Mix 4:
DJ Fett Burger

phonica mix DJ Fett burgerFor the fourth edition of the Off The Record Mix Series, we welcome DJ and producer extraordinaire DJ Fett Burger. A man of many aliases, DJ Fett Burger, sometimes known as DJ Dogg or DJ Fett Birger to name but two of the Norwegian’s alter-egos, has been pushing his unique brand of playful and sometimes wonky house and techno via such labels as Freakout Cult, Sex Tags UFO, Mongo Fett and Rebound Lounge in recent years.

Having been a recent guest at our annual Record Store Day celebrations, we asked our favourite fast-food friend to provide us with a dubby, leftfield and ambient-leaning mix for our new series. Be sure to check out his incredible two-hour recording below.

The full stream of Fett Burger’s set from Record Store Day is available to watch here.

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