NY*AK – Laid

After debuting the well received ‘Stark Champagne’ EP from Omar Santis, Karakul return on top form with fresh material from Newcastle’s NY*AK.

Starting things off with ‘Curtis’, Scott achieves a warm, sample heavy cut that chops up dusty kicks, acoustic guitars and certain soul legend’s signature vocals. He’s reminiscing about the golden years of hip-hop here and nails it with this nostalgic groove. ‘Flint’ picks up the pace with a hypnotic bassline, crisp high hats and sustained vocal samples to build tension around a skillfully placed spoken word verse. On the flip, Scott slows it down again for the EPs title track ‘Laid’. A relaxing and sonically intoxicating rhythm that calms your senses and clears your mind. ‘1988’ rounds everything off with some truly soulful vocals and comforting synth chords.

Grab a copy over at Phonica here.


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