Harrison BDP – Contact Light [Lost Palms]

phonica-premieres-060-blogWelsh producer Harrison Webber, better known as Harrison BDP, debuts on vinyl-only imprint Lost Palms with an immersive, deep and dark four-track EP. 

Harrison BDP has been making some serious waves within the UK house community over the past four years, with releases being snapped up by such labels as Stamp Records, Piff Records, and Music Is Love to name but three. Webber’s previous hits Decompression and It’s Foggy Outside’ have nodded towards a more ambient sound – low on frills, yet packed all the vital elements that make for the perfect dancefloor smash. This ambient, euphoric and uplifting production style continues to shine through on Webber’s latest four-track EP ‘Fade Back From Reality‘ which is forthcoming on British imprint Lost Palms.

Our pick for the premiere is the A-side track ‘Contact Light’ which is made up from an array of shimmering pads and dubby stabs, laid over a steady 4×4 kick drum and a heavy, rolling bassline. Check it out below!

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Our entire back catalogue of premieres is also available to listen to on our Soundcloud:


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