Melbourne based Escape Artist has blessed us with a euphoria bursting EP for the 30th release on our main label series! For the past few years we have absolutely loved his genre fusing releases on labels such as Salt Mines and Kalahari Oyster Cult which wonderfully slip between Breakbeat, Techno, House and Jungle. For the “Energy Breakthrough” EP, the focus is primed straight for the lasers, with three blissfully exhilarating and ecstasy inducing original tracks, alongside a remix from one of our favourite up and coming producers, Adam Pits.

The EP begins with the title track which combines old school house piano stabs at the start that evolve into a soothing pad progression and a super saw breakdown that takes you straight to Amnesia circa 1998. Opting for a more broken drum beat, the track floats effortlessly like a night time motorway drive. For the remix, Adam Pits lifts it into the stratosphere, repurposing the bassline and slapping a thunderous 4×4 rhythm underneath. Invoking Sasha and Digweed at their absolute peak, the track fuses the classic sound of Progressive House and Trance with futuristic levels of energy. “Reach for the lasers” doesn’t quite do it justice.

On the B1 is “The Dream We Share” that marries together chopped up funk breaks, plucky synth melodies and uplifting 303 Acid squiggles with jubilant chords for an elated sonic journey. Rounding the release out is the stripped back and introspective “Breathing Room” that is a beautifully peaceful experience after the dance floor focus of the previous cuts. The refreshing aura of the track that harks to the golden age of 90s Chill-Out and Ambient Techno concludes the release in the best way possible.


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