Off The Record Mix Series

Check out Alex Egan’s latest mix for NTS

Alex Egan on NTS Radio (30.04.17)

Phonica’s label manager Alex Egan returned to NTS Radio recently with a brand new live mix! With Eglo boss Alex Nut overseas, our own Alex stepped in at the eleventh hour to cover his show.

“Here’s Sunday’s last minute cover show on NTS Radio. Actually it was way beyond last minute as I arrived at the studio ‘a little late’ (London Transport clusterf**k!) with two bags of hurredly scooped up records. It’s a bit rough round the edges but I got to play a lot of music I really like, so cheers to Padraigh (NTS) for letting me step in for Alex Nut!”


01. Sanza – Sounouh
02. Ozric Tentacles – Toltec Spring
03. Joel Vandroogenbroeck – Migrations Mu
04. Shoc Corridor – Almost In Walking Distance
05. DAF – Kebabtraume
06. Tones On Tail – Means Of Escape (Blackstrobe Edit)
07. Holger Hiller – Das Feuer
08. The Leather Nun – F.F.A
09. Alessandro Alessandroni – Afro Darkness (33rpm)
10. DJ Skelector – Why did you do it to me
11. Bored Young Adults – Shy Dancers On Bungalowdorf Beach
12. Aphex Twin – cheetaht7b (33rpm)
13. Biosphere – Black Mesa
14. Bruce – Before You Sleep
15. As Longitude – Blauer Part
16. Pye Corner Audio – The Darkest Wave
17. Jan Hammer – Crockett’s Theme (Extended 12″ Mix)
18. MH + FS – Boys Talk
19. Landscape – Norman Bates
20. impLOG – Holland Tunnel Dive
21. Alex O Smith – Ultra Fine One
22. Ralphi Rosario – I Want You (Transcontinental Mix)
23. Severed Heads – Dead Eyes Opened
24. Mr. Fingers – Stars

Alex also runs his own label Utter with the second release by Trevor Jackson (titled ‘RGBPM’) due out this June. Check out the record here!


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