Bjarki – 3-1 Tap Lush

bjarki trip nina kraviz premiere phonicaThe 20th release from Nina Kraviz’s трип imprint pays homage to the previously unexplored sub-cultures of 90s electronic dance music, such as hardcore, gabba, acid-techno and ambient. The Don’t Mess With Cupid, ‘Cause Cupid Ain’t Stupid 2xLP features ten original tracks from heavyweight producers Universal Indicator (aka Aphex Twin), Biogen, Exos and Nina Kraviz herself, amongst others.

Our pick for the premiere is the whirring, trippy-techno stomper ‘3-1 Tap Lush’ from Icelandic producer Bjarki. Check it out and pre-order your copy below!

Pre-order your copy here.

Our entire back catalogue of premieres is also available to listen to on our Soundcloud:


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