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Best Of 2018 – Reissue Singles

BESTOF2018-ReissueSingles-BlogThe reissue market continues to provide half of the vinyl we offer these days, with so many great 12inches and 7inches available. Discogs has helped specialist reissue labels to clearly see the demand of rare titles and to see how many people actually want and would buy a vinyl reissue – important information when our vinyl-buying world is so small (despite what the headlines tell us about vinyl sales, most labels sell 300-500 of each release). Both the house and disco reissues provide many choice gems and huge anthems from the past with labels such as Groovin Recordings, Mint Condition and Floating Points’ Melodies International label have been providing us with more superb reissues.

We’ve also seen attention moving to South Africa and the wealth of boogie/soul and early Kwaito and house that is the huge market of 1980s South African music  – the choice gem here has been Satari’s Smile and, more recently TZ Junior’s ‘Sugar My Love’ with plenty more planned from next year thanks to Rush Hour. Recently, we have also seen classic labels such as Warriors Dance releasing official classics from the golden era of early UK house, namely No Smoke’s Koro-Koro single and International Smoke Signal LP and another from that era is Language’s ahead-of-its-time ‘In the Lab’ EP.

There are far too many to feature in this countdown and far too many records to compare – how can we compare a 1988 house record with a 1978 funk/soul/disco crossover rarity anyway? And how old does a record have to be before it is considered a reissue, rather than just a repress? This is also why we have omitted some records as it hasn’t been that long since the last repress or reissue….with more weight given to those records introduced to us for the first time. The records we have featured on this list are here for a number of reasons – they have either sold phenomenally well in the shop and online or have been records held dear in the hearts of at least one member of staff here.

And the record to top the pile is there for three main reasons, it was our best-selling reissue in the shop, its a staff favourite and it was a record that wasn’t a huge hit first time around, yet thanks to Floating Points’ Melodies label, we all got to buy it at a reasonable price!


25. Code 6 (Joey Beltram)

Third Aura / Last Voyage

(Midnight Drive)

Buy here.

Midnight Drive gifted the world this timeless piece from one of Techno’s greatest Code 6 (Joey Beltram) earlier this year. Originally released in 1993, ambient, breakbeat and forward thinking techno are all the talking point in this four track gem.


24. Capone

Music Love Song / Mother Ernie

(Miss You)

Buy here.

This increasingly rare Italian/French production, originally released in Portugal has found itself an official remastered reissue. Straight up obscure Disco hammer from Capone, one to keep the feet moving til’ the early hours. Definitely a deserved spot on our list.


23. Pat & Pats


(Disco Segreta)

Buy here.

Four tropical bombs officially licensed and brought back to the millennial’s ears courtesy of Disco Segreta. First produced in 1983 and released on Pineapple label, this EP originally found itself with numerous technical and pressing faults. Thankfully due to popular demand, Tobago has received the precision and analogue stereo production it deserved.


22. Outlander


(R&S Records)

Buy here.

Still to this day, Vamp has to be one of the most prolific rave anthems of all time. Since its birth in 1990-1991, no dance floor has been safe when the needle drops on this masterpiece. Outlandish stabs, high energy hats and a kick that could make your neighbour’s car engine start, Vamp deserves its spot on any re-issue chart for years to come. Reissued via its original label, R&S, and still getting support from heavyweights such as Dettmann, Kraviz and Janson.


21. Umo Vogue

Just My Love

(Dark Entries)

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Dark Entries deliver Bristol-based band Umo Vogue’s classic rendition of ‘Just My Love’ alongside three unreleased bonus tracks and a bedroom demo recorded back in 1984. Serious rhythms and harmonies.


20. Le Stim

Tribute To Muhammad Ali (We Crown The King)

(Melodies International)

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Dedicated to one of the greatest athletes ever to live, Melodies International are coming in once again on our list with this Detroit classic by Le Stim. Recorded in 1980 this party anthem will last for decades to come.


19. Kojo Antwi

Kojo I København

(Music For Dreams)

Buy here.

The highly sought after disco anthem by Kojo Antwi is back and bigger than ever via Music For Dreams. Originally produced in Denmark in the late ’80s, this release only found itself being issued in small numbers. The record showcases Kojo’s transition from Classique Vibes to the more percussion orientated disco bomb of ‘Hini Mi’. This is certainly some of the most forward-thinking African music ever to be recorded on Danish soil.


18. Syncbeat


(Running Back)

Buy here.

Gerd Janson’s Running Back imprint has delivered this stellar reissue of Snycbeat’s ‘Music’ EP. Five stunning electro funk pieces that get a fresh lease of life some 34 years down the line. There are three bonus mixes from Boris Dlugosch added for your enjoyment too!

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17. Memphis

Around The World / Lost Lands

(Klasse Wrecks)

Buy here.

Klasse Wrecks head honcho Luca Lozano has revived this forgotten proto-prog masterpiece by early 90’s producer Paul H Williams aka Memphis. Driving bass lines, tribal toppers and all round euphoric excellence is on show for the people to see and hear. This year has been a great year for Klasse Wrecks, be sure to check out the recent hypnotic stomper by Dos Ritmos as well!


16. D.H.S.

Mind Control

(Underground Assault)

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Bleeps and breaks at the ready… This long-lost D.H.S EP on Underground Assault is definitely one for the systems. Packed with exhilarating drum programs and transient vocal loops. Big!


15. Zazou Bikaye

Na Kenda


Buy here.

It’s not often a track still sounds forward thinking three decades after its original release. Enter 1988’s “Na Kenda”. The alliance between Congolese musician / vocalist Bony Bikaye and French composer Hector Zazou joined the dots between white funk, Zairean rumba and robotic beats.It was the B-side tracks on the original release that got a reissue here, thanks to Brussels selectors’ Kong &Gratt’s label.


14. So Inagawa

Logo Queen


Buy here.

This timeless deep house classic by So Inagawa has been tearing up floors since its birth in 2013. This was the first release on So Inagawa’s own label, Cabaret.

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13. Annette

Dream 17

(Mint Condition)

Buy here.

During the second summer of love in 1988, Madchester’s Annette Dos Reis, Mike Pickering, A Guy Called Gerald and Simon Topping formed together to produce at the time one of UK’s most groundbreaking records ‘Dream 17’. Waging the gap between the Pacific coast, US party goers couldn’t believe this EP was made in the UK. To add to an already stellar lineup, Detroit’s Derrick May & T-Coy included their highly sought after mixes on this very limited re-issue.


12. Satari / Nicky Love

Smile / Nobody To Love 

(La Casa Tropical)

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A beautiful synth-led South African boogie/disco groove from the mid-80s, now popularised with the likes of Hunee. And sounding particularly good played by John Gomez echoing in the canyons of Gjipe beach at Kala!


11. Q

The Voice Of Q

(Isle Of Jura)

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This cosmic disco anthem from Isle of Jura is definitely one for the spotlight. The Voice of Q has been dominating set lists ever since its introduction back in 1982. Obscure synth lines and highly catchy, intergalactic vocals are prominent throughout this gem. Enjoy an unreleased version of Q’s Keep It Strong as well.


10. No Smoke


(Warriors Dance)

Buy here.

Warriors Dance serves up the official remaster and reissue of No Smoke’s ‘Koro-Koro’ – a stone cold classic from the acid house golden era. This tribal gem from 1989 is quite simply essential!


9. Francois K


(Wave Music)

Buy here.

We all know what a legend Francois Kervorkian is and this was a great EP when it was first released on Wave back in 1995. But 23 years later, the tracks on this EP sound so fresh and stand head & shoulders above the house productions of 2018, especially the beautiful ‘Moov’ No wonder it became of our best-selling reissues this year.


8. Keysha / FG’s Romance

Stop It! / What Is Love Today


Buy here.

A lesson in how an obscure r&b / pop Youtube hit becomes a melodic instrumental disco anthem for Balearic dads everywhere! Apart from a few sleazy moans, its chilled beach heaven.


7. Makers

Don’t Challenge Me

(Midnight Drive)

Buy here.

A truly idiosyncratic early 70’s electronic oddity that has long been a coveted and highly prized piece of music by obscure music lovers for many years. After appearing on the excellent ‘Personal Space’ compilation a few years back, the excellent reissue label Midnight Drive give it to us on the format we want!


6. Alice Smith

Love Endeavour (Maurice Fulton Mixes)

(South Street)

Buy here.

Of all the Maurice Fulton remixes we can remember over the years, his take on Alice Smith’s ‘Love Endeavour’ is easily the one that all his other remixes get compared to. Super on point production, tight as you like groove and THAT bassline. No wonder OG copies on BBE were selling for £££. E S S E N T I A L.


5. Stereofuse

Casino EP

(Phonica Records)

Buy here.

We’re pretty chuffed to have been able to re-issue Stereofuse’s ‘Casino EP’. A 2003 Berlin minimal house bomb that came out the same year Phonica opened – the first in a series of 12″s we put out commemorating 15 Years in the business and definitely the most special one.


4. My Mine

Hypnotic Tango

(Dark Entries)

Buy here.

All-time Italo Disco club classic lovingly reissued by the Dark Entries crew and featuring all the mixes that have been out over the years, including the 1987 Powerhouse Mix that features a certain Mr Frankie Knuckles on mixing duties.


3. Language

In The Lab

(Few & Far Between)

Buy here.

Late 90’s UK house gold – deep, emotive, soulful and with the odd breakbeat thrown in for good measure, there’s no wonder you needed upwards of £50 to secure a copy of this until now… Sounding of its time and so now too – in one word, timeless!


2. Trio Ternura

A Gira / Last Tango In Paris

(Melodies International)

Buy here.

Popularised by Astrud Gilberto as ‘Black Magic’, Trio Ternura’s version as ‘A Gira’ is simply put on another level. Rawer, with a hypnotic, discombobulating rhythm, it’s instantly familiar yet oddly fresh. Buy on sight.


1. Womack & Womack

MPB Missin’ Persons Bureau (Frankie Knuckles Remix)

(Melodies International)

Buy here.

Two of Frankie Knuckles’ scarcer remixes of an all-time classic – W&W’s ‘MPB (Missin’ Persons Bureau)’. Melodies say: ‘With these remixes, Frankie managed to turn a radio hit into underground club classics.’ Previously hidden away on B2 & B3 of a couple of remix 12’s (and commanding exorbitant prices), it’s a definite thumbs up from all of us here for this!




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