Phonica In-Store:
Varia Instruments

Varia Instruments Phonica In-Store

A couple of weeks ago the guys from Varia Instruments came down to the shop for a demonstration of their RDM20 rotary DJ mixer. Simon and Marcel spent the evening at the shop showcasing this amazing piece of gear and giving thorough explanations to anyone who wanted to discover more about the boutique rotary mixer world.

Playing on the machine was an interesting experience as many customers had the opportunity to try this type of mixer for the first time. Most people have become used to the industry standard fader controlled mixers. Using rotary knobs to blend signals surprised those who tested it and pretty much everyone left with excellent impressions. The isolators sounded lush!

Varia Instruments Phonica In-Store

It was great to chat with the creators too, the pair are two music lovers that crossed paths by pure coincidence. Simon was on the look out for the right mixer and Marcel had already created a prototype years ago. Sharing the same ideology – reduction to the essentials and high-end quality – made the decision to create their own brand easy, and Varia Instruments was born.

Our friends from FACT magazine also came down to record a video feature on the young Swiss brand. Check the video below:

Thanks to everyone who made it to the in-store and to Simon and Marcel for flying over with two of their very limited mixers – and for the tasty Swiss chocolate!

Varia Instruments Phonica In-Store


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