Off The Record Mix Series

Listen to Jeanne’s podcast for Electrocaïne



electrocaïne session #079 – JeanneJeanne delivers an hour of atmospheric beats for Mauritius-based collective electrocaine.

Jeanne loves to travel, and that’s not news to us… Earlier this year, on her way to India, she stopped in Mauritius to play at electrocaïne‘s Island Selectors event and came back with the commission of putting together a podcast for the collective. The result is this hour-long gem.

When talking about the mix, she said: “It’s not the music  I’d normally play. Instead of looking backwards to the past few years and play music that we listened to 6 years ago, I wanted to look forward and play things that I’ve never played before but that I love and mean a lot to me.”

We’re diggin’ it Jeanne, keep em coming!


1. Sleep D – Live at the Fairfield Amphitheatre Part I [Analogue Attic]

2. Nuel – Correspondence [Further Records]

3. Tapes & DJ Sotofett – Dub happy [Sex Tags Amfibia]

4. Montezumas Rache & Dominik Von Senger – Rheinfahren [Golf Channel Recordings / Emotional Response]

5. Rouge Mécanique – Stingray [Rogue Mecanique]

6. Oren Ambarchi – Part 3 [Editions Mego]

7. Kraftwerk – Megaherz [Crown Records]

8. Laraaji – Cave (Bee Mask remix) [All Saints]

9. Conforce – Phase 7 [Transcendent]

10. Karamika – Ton 07 [ESP Institute]

11. Etienne Jaumet – For Falling Asleep [Versatile Records]



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